Zach Passen


Hi, I'm Zach. I do accessible front-end web development, both in the traditional stack (HTML/CSS/standard JavaScript) and in React. I like dealing in tooling and automation as well - ask me about my dealings in end-to-end testing sometime and I'll talk your ears off. These days I primarily live in text files and slide decks, writing documentation and guidelines as well as presenting about said text files.

Until 2020 I was going by another name - my history is slightly disjoint right now due to having to port things over. This is the name (and domain &c) I'll be using going forward, so please move accordingly.


Where can I see your work?

My GitHub isn't going away, and that's where all of my stuff is now. (Private contributions are turned on so you can see that I do in fact do things sometimes, as my recent dayjobs have hosted their code on GitHub.) In terms of public work, I did the front-end of PyOhio's site a while back and consult on it every now and again. If you'd prefer the traditional listing, that's still up on my LinkedIn.

Most of the previous work that I've done that's career-based is null and void at this point, so if it isn't in my GitHub it's not worth talking about.

How can I contact you?

Please use the email in the footer. I don't pay attention to LinkedIn - I will read your InMail, because it gets put in the email body, but I'm not likely to log in and respond to it. If you send me a DM on LinkedIn (which I'm not sure why that's separate from InMail still) I definitely won't see it because I have to log in to look at it.

There are other means; I don't recommend them. I've been practicing being a digital recluse and avoiding social media things (including the aforementioned LinkedIn), so email is your best bet.

This is a job posting/career-related inquiry

I'm not looking for work right now, especially not development work. I am very tired of coding in modern business environments. I barely do any coding these days, which is how I prefer things. If I were to move on to something new I would most likely be doing something similar to a consultancy or a DevRel-esque role.

Do not contact me if you're going to ask me about any of the following:

I hate all of these things and will not engage in good faith with them.

I'm generally not replying to emails but the following information will ensure that I actually look fondly on what you send me: